Multiple duplicates of subitems at once

Hi there! I am trying to figure out how to make multiple duplicates of subitems at once and I’d love them to be numbered.

The details:

My client wants to make part type into line items. In this example, part ML. Then she wants to make subitems for all of the ML parts. The amount will vary but could be up to 100 of them so the subitems would be ML-001, ML-002, ML-003, etc. And that’s just one part type. Having to manually make these would be way too time consuming.

I found the integration AutoID Subitem that says “When a subitem is created, generate an auto increment ID using the following format” but that still doesn’t let me make multiple duplicates at once.

Any suggestions?

You will likely need to look to outside applications like to achieve this better control over numbering.

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