Multiple groups of items on one board

Our team uses as a project management and task tracking site. I see that you can create a different board for different needs - and hence, different tasks/projects - but not a single board for several projects since the layout on one board applies to all groups of items on that board. Is that right? It would be great to create multiple groups of items on one board with different layouts for each group, rather than only being able to use one layout that applies to all groups/items on that board. It forces the user to create many different boards for what could just be a single board.

Is this concept in ideation?

@anne.crotteau Welcome to the community!

This question has come up before and you are correct that the current setup is designed so that columns are the same across all groups. I don’t foresee this changing as it would require a large restructuring of how Monday is set up and would conflict with lots of current features.

I understand your push towards less boards, but you may just want to look at your data differently in Monday. For example, what you described sounds more like Mondays Dashboard feature where you can incorporate items and data from multiple boards into one customizable location. You can also utilize Subitems or Connection Columns/Mirror Columns to move/share information from low level boards to high level boards.

If you are struggling with a specific set of data that you feel needs to be in a single board, please feel free to share in the Use Case section of the community and we might be able to help you organize it within Mondays current features.

Hope this was helpful!