Multiple IF formula to calculate a sum for cashflow tracking

Hello! I’m looking for some help in figuring out if it’s possible to have a multiple IF formula (or similar) for what I need (formula & Monday newbie here).

I have a client invoicing tracker where I’d like to be able to see how much in total we are invoicing altogether each month (cells highlighted in green).

I currently have an IF which calculates the 1st Date/Amount only, but is there a way to add multiple IF’s to this to calculate a sum? So far my March formula looks like this:
IF({1st Invoice Date}=“March”,{1st Amount}, “”)

I’d like it to be IF 1st Invoice Date = March then add the 1st Amount, if 2nd Invoice Date = March, then ALSO add the second amount (there are also 3rd & 4th Invoice Date/Amounts too). Is it possible to have this in an IF formula (or another way), and how would I do this? Eg my second row should show £4,400 in the April column.

Hope that makes sense… I’m not the best at explaining my thoughts in writing.

Thanks in advance for any help.

Hi @carly1 !

I know that @JCorrell will be able to help you with this formula! What I might suggest is creating a separate board that holds all of your invoices. Each invoice would have the name of the client still as the item name, but then you would have a separate item for each invoice and it would still have a designated month with each invoice.

You can then use the connect boards column to associate that invoice with the client, but the best part about having a separate board with that information broken into individual items is that you could really leverage dashboards. Using the chart widget, you could sort my month or client!

Here is a screenshot of what that separate board would look like (forgive the information, it’s filler, but the columns apply here):

And of what you could do with charts:

Using IF statements are great! But If you were to alter your columns, you may have to alter the formula. Making that separate board will allow the system to work a little more for you!

Hope this helps!

Hi @jailynnlucidday , this is super helpful - thank you so much for your time in responding! I have now been able to utilise the charts function to display exactly what I was looking for. Appreciate your detailed response. :blush:

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@carly1 absolutely! So glad I could help!

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Your solution is something similar to what I am looking for to track invoices. Would it be possible to also track change orders and progress invoicing in a similar board structure?