Mutation add file to file column while also querying for complexity?

Is it possible to query for complexity while also using add_file_to_column?

I see the complexity query is possible with mutations according to the documentation here:

My query looks like this, however I’m getting error 400 “Bad Request” back from server.

mutation { complexity{ query before after } add_file_to_column (item_id: ${itemID}, column_id:'files', $file: file!) {id}}

Hello @Dylan.townes and welcome to the community!

I hope you like it here :muscle:

Complexity is available for mutations as you said.

Having said that, I see that it is not working for this specific mutation. I believe there might be a connection with this being used in our /file endpoint. I will double-check with our team to be sure and come back to you :slightly_smiling_face:


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@Matias.Monday Thank you very much, I appreciate it!

Hello @Dylan.townes,

Our team has found the issue.

We will be working on the fix and it will probably be released this week.

In the meantime, if you use the complexity part after the actual mutation, it should work for you :slightly_smiling_face:


Hello @Dylan.townes,

I wanted to let you know that the issue was fixed :metal:

@Matias.Monday Hey wow that’s seriously awesome. I really appreciate the swift response and updates. I was getting around it by just sleeping my application to avoid the complexity limit but with this query I will be able to run the program at exactly the speed it needs to thank you!

Glad to help @Dylan.townes!