Mutation long_text type

I’m trying to insert some info on a field with id “long_text”, the query is okay, everything goes fine, but the value is not on the field of created item.
This is the query i’m using:
mutation { create_item (board_id: XXXXXX, item_name: "XXXXXXX", column_values: " { \\"texto\\": \\"XXXXXXX\\", \\"texto1\\": \\"XXXXXX\\", \\"person8\\":\\"XXXXXXX\\", \\"long_text\\": \\"XXXXXXXX\\" }") { id } }

Hi Bill,

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The way that you update the value of a regular Text Column and a Long Text column are somewhat different. You can take a look at the documentation for each column type here:

Unlike the Text Column, when updating the value of a Long Text column, the value is a key:value pair.

So this is what you’d use for a Text Column:
"\"Sample text\""

And here’s an example of what you’d use for a Long Text Column:
"{\"text\":\"Sample text\"}"

In case it’s helpful, here’s an example mutation you can use to create an item and add value to a Long Text Column:

mutation { create_item(board_id: 00000000, item_name: "XXXXXXX", column_values: "{ \"long_text\": {\"text\":\"Sample text\"}}") { id } }

Is this information helpful? Let me know if you have any questions :slight_smile: :muscle: