Mutation not working

Hey guys! Quick question: I’m trying to send this string to populate a column, but I get an empty response, which I figured out means that the syntax is completely wrong. If it would be “close” it would give me an error-message back. I’ve tried many different ways but keep getting an empty response. Can anybody see an obvious mistake I’ve made. I’ve managed successfully to send many other forms of mutations and queries, but not this one.

If anybody sees something clearly obvious I would appreciate the help. Thanks! :slight_smile:

Btw, I don’t know if the board id and item id are considered as “sensitive data” but I blurred it just in case.

This is the query in text form:

‘{“query”: “mutation { change_multiple_column_values ( board_id: 2170329838, item_id: 2181068632, column_values: “{\“aktivitetsid2\”:\“15\”}”) { id column_values (ids: [“aktivitetsid2”]) { text }}}”}’

Solved it! I needed to escape even more, haha. This is how it looks now:

String query9 = ‘{“query”: “mutation { change_multiple_column_values ( board_id: 210000000, item_id: 2100000000, column_values: \”{\\\“aktivitetsid2\\\” : \\\“21\\\”}\") { id column_values (ids: [\“aktivitetsid2\”]) { text }}}"}’;

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Hello @Sina!

I am sorry about the late reply!

It is great that you got the answer :muscle:

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