Mutation on People column

I am attempting to update a people column, with relevant teams to the user in the column.

The mutation in the API playground appears to by syntactically correct, but returns a 500 error. I am very much a novice in this arena still and can’t seem to sort this out. The query is as follows:

mutation {
board_id: 11111111111111111
item_id: 22222222222
column_id: “multiple_person1”
value: {personsAndTeams: [ {id: 12345, kind: “team”}, {id: 678910, kind: “team”}]}
) {

Any help would be appreciated.

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You can use a mutation like this one:

mutation {
  change_multiple_column_values(item_id:9876543210, board_id:1234567890, column_values: "{\"people\" : {\"personsAndTeams\":[{\"id\":4616627,\"kind\":\"person\"},{\"id\":4616666,\"kind\":\"person\"},{\"id\":51166,\"kind\":\"team\"}]}}") {

I hope that helps!


You need to pass the object that is the value through JSON.stringify() first to turn it into a JSON string.

While a GraphQL query looks a lot like Javascript, is it not, it is actually just a string. In the change_column_value the value field takes a string (or an object that has been stringified) not an object as you tried.

Below uses GraphQL variables. They are defined in parenthesis after the word mutation in the query string, and then you can use them in the rest of the mutation. These are preferred to trying to build a string since some oddities can happen with string manipulation that won’t happen if the query is fixed.

Below is some example javascript around this:

const query = "mutation($boardId: Int!, $itemId: Int!, $columnId: String!, $value: JSON!) { change_column_value(board_id: $boardId, item_id: $itemId, column_id: $columnId, value: $value){id}}"

const variables = {
    boardId: 111111111,
    itemId: 2222222,
    columnId: "multiple_persons1"
    value: JSON.stringify({personsAndTeams: [ {id: 12345, kind: “team”}, {id: 678910, kind: “team”}]})};

const response = await monday.api(query, {variables}); 

//the monday.api method JSON.stringify()s as below to build the request body sent to the server. You don't need to do this part, its done for you.

//const requestBody = JSON.stringify({query, variables})