Mutations not "sticking"

Good afternoon/evening.

I have a script that executes a “for” loop and posts a series of values to a Link column on one of my boards based on the name of the item and some additional logic.

The links are uploading perfectly and everything works as intended… until I close the desktop app, open the board in a different browser, navigate away from the board, or attempt to open the board on another user’s computer. Then it’s like the links were never added - they don’t even show up in the activity log.

Has anyone else had this happen?

Resolved with the support team’s assistance and figured I’d share the resolution in case someone else runs into this behavior.

The problem was my URLs. The behavior described in my initial post was how Monday “deals with” invalid URLs. Changing the link from ‘’ to ‘’ resolved the invalid URL problem. Support verified that the API was failing to recognize www.tinyurl as a valid link.

If you’re encountering a similar issue but have verified that the link is recognized as valid, try forcing a delay between mutations. On mine, I used the Google Apps Script ‘Utilities.sleep(10000)’ function to force a 10- second timeout and mitigate rollbacks as found in a previous solution to a similar problem.

I don’t know if this is specific to tinyURL or if it’s a general rule, but it definitely threw me for a loop. Hope this helps!

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I’m so glad to hear! Thank you for posting your findings here :partying_face:!


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