My focus - how to (temporarily) switch it off

I kind of like the new My Focus, but I need to be able to switch it off and silence it completely. On my daughters wedding, my best friends funeral and many other occasions I am not waiting to see messages like “What’s up today?”

Please make it possible to either temporarily or completely switch this off.

I agree, make My Focus feature disabled please

I havent tested yet. But if it Is that way… +1.

Besides this… Monday updated Yesterday from android playstore and MyFocus doesnt appear.

What’s going on with My Focus? It no longer shows in the app so I can’t find where to change it, but I’m still getting notifications about it.

I never had the chance to see this on my app

Seriously though. My Focus pops up every day in my notifications, twice a day. But I’m not using it, it’s just annoying for me. How do I turn it off?

Each team member needs to use the mobile app to shut it off. Go under my focus and remove the notification schedule. This is what Monday support instructed for our team.

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