My Tasks - My Week Overhaul


We have 12 boards for different clients, and team of 7 designers. We have about 10-15 new design tickets every day, across all boards. Most of them doesn’t have date set, and some have future date, like in a 2-3 weeks. Because of that, a large number of important tasks isn’t visible in my week.

What I would love to have in monday, is another view similar to My Week, but based on all task what are assigned to me (current user - default view) or to another member of the team, or all members (so we can see load).
Tasks should be sorted on status, with “done” ones at the bottom (like in My Week)

For my team this is critical problem, because it’s very time consuming to check every board, set proper filters, etc. I know I can make multi-board table in Dashboards, but 1) we have limit to 10 connected boards and 2) it’s not very convenient to analyze. There were a few people posting in FB group about something similar, so I think this is important. On the other hand, I think it’s relatively easy to develop since it can be My Week module, but with different data source.


Thanks for the suggestion, Kamil. We’ll definitely take this away to think about. I think that for now, using the search everything would be a better way to see everything assigned to you for a specific date period, using the Filter by date option, once you’ve searched for your name.

Appreciate it won’t sort the tasks by their status in the results but it does give you that overview of all tasks assigned within a date period which you’ve been assigned to and the search can be saved for next time.

Bump up for us
The MY WEEK interface needs some improvements.
For the record, we’re in a similar situation than KamilMark. We use the filter in the MY WEEK which helps a bit but I too see a lot of room of improvement
Many of us use for task management (among other things). It’s quite essential to have a quick and easy dashboard view that will list my tasks with a filtering, sorting and saving capabilities.


Yep, I agree massively on this., right now the android app is doing this better as it shows the status column in My Week, which is really helpful. That would be a good start.

Hey, I wanted to say thanks for making it that the status shows up in My Week on the computer now. Really helpful!

I wonder if you could tweak the layout? As a user, I want to be able to see the full item name when scrolling My Week so I don’t have to click the item to see what it is.


As a user, I want to be able to stay in My Week as much as possible instead of switching to other boards, forgetting where I’m at, and then switching back to My Week.

To help with that, I would like to be able to create Items directly from My Week.

  • Have a button with New Item
  • Then you name the item
  • Then you choose which board, and then which group it goes on.
  • Then a popup card would show like when you click an Item in My Week. And on that I could add the other information depending on what columns are on the board.

This would be really helpful for quickly adding new tasks, adding new contacts to our contacts board and more.


I would like to have option to change my week functionality to view people instead of dates. So basically without date filters at the top, and instead of Previous Weeks, Earlier this week etc, see John Doe, Jane Doe etc tabs, and their not-done tasks (sorted by status or date).

Also, it would be nice if clicking on status in my week show only dropdown with other statuses to change, instead of popup with all the things.


Could there be a “board view” in my week? That shows all tasks essentially like the search results, but with only four columns: deadline, status tied to deadline, assignee, and task name?

If you could view this and allow filtering on just those columns, this would become incredibly powerful. Then you could apply the board filtering to this board, to search within the task list, filter by date, assignee, status, etc.

My biggest problems with myweek as it stands: the modules are oversized, so I have to do a lot of scrolling to get everything on screen (the boards are great, why throw that away?), collapsing doesn’t persist, and it takes three clicks to get to the discussion on a task.


the modules are oversized, so I have to do a lot of scrolling to get everything on screen


If I could change just one thing right now, it would be to introduce a Compact View to get more pulses on screen at once and save scrolling. Bugs me every day.