My week - hiding certain items without a date

I am loving that I can now see items in My Week that don’t have a deadline. This is because I often make out task lists on projects but am not ready to assign deadlines until they become a current priority. But seeing them in the ‘without a date’ section is great to remind that those tasks are still there and waiting.

But, my list of undated tasks is long. I like the idea of being able to hide certain items from the My Week, but it’s a shame it can only be done by hiding an entire board. So if I select that board to hide, then it will hide all items from My Week, including those with dates.

What I really want to be able to do is to hide tasks ‘without a date’ from certain boards (i.e. lower priority projects), but not to completely hide that board from My Week so that any tasks from those boards that do have a date will still appear in My Week (since those are clearly a priority if they are dated). This would be an awesome feature to have available in My Week so that way there can still be the gentle reminder of tasks without dates, but only from certain projects, yet with the reassurance that all tasks with dates will still appear in My Week.