My Week option: Omit "Done" pulses

I haven’t been using My Week consistently, but I just did so and was surprised to see a bunch of pulses in there that are already marked Done. I guess I feel like My Week should generally be representing things that you need to do, not everything that you’re connected to regardless of status. Since “Done” is a very common status that’s being used programmatically elsewhere in the site, shouldn’t we add a toggle to not show “Done” pulses in My Week?

(and before anyone suggests it, there are multiple reasons that archiving those pulses may not be a feasible work-around)



Hey @Whitfield,

Thank you for this suggestion.

The “done” items should move to the “Done” section in My Week so they are not grouped with the tasks which are still not complete.

Are you saying you’d like the option to not see the Done tasks at all?

Yes, that would be my preference.

I find it confusing to see Done tasks there.

Actually, I’m realizing that my post is confusing - you’re right that there is a “Done” group! And that doesn’t actually bother me at all since I can just collapse it. But what triggered the post was that I’m still seeing “Done” items in my “Earlier this week” block. So maybe my app is just glitching? I did restart the app and also verified that the Status column has the correct color set as “Done.”

Hi @Whitfield

Thanks for clarifying! Can you send me a screenshot of what you’re seeing in your My Week and the board where the item lives via private message?

I can then take a look and we can deal with it as a bug if it looks like one :slight_smile:

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Hi @Whitfield and

I was having a similar problem with “My Week” having done items showing, and realized that certain boards are pulling the Timeline column (it’s called “Sprint” for us) as the due date, and certain boards are pulling the actual due date column (a single date) into “My Week”. This means that tasks that are marked done are still in “upcoming” because the sprint hasn’t ended.

“Which Assignments Appear Here” just sends me to a video about the feature, no actual admin of this section. Switching my board to “Only Deadlines” in the admin section will only show due dates that also have a status attached. Is there a way to set what “due date” column from each board shows up in my week (aka hide just timelines?)? I have due dates without status in my personal PM boards.

Ah, that’s probably it - the board in question actually uses both Timeline and Date columns, and I bet that is why the Done tasks are still showing up. So yeah, maybe that’s what my request should become: set whether Date or Timeline is used for My Week, and additionally move all Done tasks to the “Done” group in My Week, not just those without a Timeline date coming up.

The way I was able to figure this out was noticing that some dates had “Due Date” underneath, and some have “Sprint” (the column titles). Hopefully that helps you parse what is a date vs. Timeline! 58%20PM

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