My Work and Timeline

Hi everyone! I love the My Work tab, however, I’d like to suggest that the timeline column reflect the current date, not the end date.

I was using just the date tab to filter, but many of my tasks take more than a day. So once it got past the initial date I scheduled it sent it into past due.
As an example, I had the item “brick the house” as a “date scheduled” column with a date of November 1. It’s going to take a month for the masons to brick the house, so I’d open my work and it would show as past due when really it wasn’t at all. It was work in progress. I decided to switch to timeline so I could see, and remember, when their expected completion was going to be, (December 1) but that just buried “brick the house” at the bottom of my work as “later”. In my scenario it would show “brick the house” under today for possibly a month which is great in my opinion! THEN, the day it goes past the last day of the timeline, it could switch to past due. I have to schedule six weeks in advance as a contractor so I don’t want my current work in progress buried at the bottom in the “later” section with something else that may not even begin for a month.

One more example still using the brick scenario. Let’s say it’s November 10th, “brick the house” may be scheduled for Nov 1 to December 1. At the same time, I’m scheduling “brick clean up” and that may be scheduled for December 1, but both get filtered to “later” That’s not accurate. One is actually in progress “today” and the other truly is “later”. That’s a massive difference.

I hope that makes sense!