My Work - Date in Formula field does not show up


I do have a formula field with a date in it. I would like to show up this (sub)item in My Work but it seems that only Time line and Date fields are visible.

Do you have any suggestion to show up this formula field in My Work?

Hi @Victorine,

formula fields are not allowed on the “My Work”-View. Its just possible to add dates (include timelines) and status.
But it is possbile to build an own view like “My Work”, with own created and connected boards, its a little bit complex, but its possible.

~ Silas :smiling_face:

Thanks for your reply, that’s sounds promising :wink:

Could you give me a little heads up how to do this?

Hi @Victorine,

there are serverall options.
I would prefer the option “copy to board”. With some automations.

  1. For this solution you need to create one new board as view “My Work”.
  2. Add on each board with “Work” in it, the automation to create item in the board “My Work”.
  3. Select which columns u like to show up in “My Work” (My Work need the same columns)
  4. Define trigger (like date (bevore/after/arrive) and status)
  5. Choose one solution for status updates (to transfer updates from board to “my work”) serverall options (automation/mirrow/autoconnect/and so on).
  6. Decide on which trigger, items should disappear in “My Work”-Board. (Like date and status)
  7. Finish.

In this solution you have so many options to create your own solution.
And in this case your formula fields can be showed easiely.

~ Silas :smiling_face:

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Thanks Silas for your help! Much appreciated, I will try this out.