Need an expert for an intricate Time Sheet Tracking For Employees

There will be some information available afterwards.
Please note that we will however not share any recordings of the webinar.

I will let you know för sure!

Hi Thomas,

I got caught up with work and wasn’t able to attend the seminar. Do we get some sort of documentation that is available on line, on the time tracking app that just got launched?

@TJ_S No worries. We have a webinar tomorrow as well:
Link to webinar May 6th 1800 CET

If you want to read up about the app we have submitted it to the current hackatron where you can find a video and descriptive text: Hackatron Submission.

We are still a month out before having it in the app marketplace. Beta access will be distributed to webinar attendees or special signup (will share that form later).

@Thomas-Omnitas this is awesome! Been following this thread for a while excited to see what you had in store as we’ve needed an app of this nature for a while. Sadly was out last week so couldn’t be on the webinar, but would love to get on the beta testing. Let me know if you are still accepting applications. Thank you and great work!

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I am sorry you missed the webinar!
Sent you a DM :wink:

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@Thomas-Omnitas I also want be a beta tester :slight_smile:

You should check out this post in the partner community.

I’m interested in being a beta tester too! I tried to access the link you shared for roberto but wasn’t able to. Any info will be appreciated!

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Hey @larissa.

The Link shared with Roberto is to internal partner pages.

Feel free to sign up for our beta to test the current version of the app:
Currently we have a module for planning and a module for reporting.
the last features are being developed as we speak and we are tracking a 1.0 release second half of June.

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Very good to get caught up on this thread, Second half of June sounds good @Thomas-Omnitas

Hi Thomas,

Got a question relating to the time reporting template.

I guess we all know that Monday limits 10,000 items in a board. So, what are your suggestions to this? I think in the long run, there will be more activities and projects in a the "activity " board eventually. So, how does this template work with this kind of Monday limitations? Thank you for your answer.

Hey @TJ_S !

Very good questions!

  1. The board limit just got increased to 20K
  2. Create multiple reporting boards, one per team .Especially since admin time permissions will be utilizing board owner functionality.
  3. Move approved time to additional boards.
  4. We are looking att having the app create multiple board (per month or similar). Will share our final decisions around this after some more testing.
  5. We are looking att developing a functionality that merges several items into one based on settings similar to how you would set up a pivot table.

No 4 and 5 are still under consideration. We are aware of there being limitations and we will have working solutions for this.
We are also looking at allowing bigger accounts the option to run the time reporting app based on an external database instead. This will have to be decided on an account per account basis and will only be an option for big enterprise accounts.

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Hi Thomas.
I wanted to ask as to when we(those who signed up) getting the recording of the time tracking training that was done last week?

I browsed through my registered email but I’m haven’t gotten anything from the team yet.

Appreciate your response. Thanks!


I got the link of the training already. Thanks for sending it to my email.

Hi @Thomas-Omnitas! I’m a project manager at a growth marketing agency and we recently started using, I am over the moon! :smiley: I’m really keen on keeping track of the hours and I was wondering if you have an update on the Beta app? I tried signing up as beta user but that’s probably too late since the link was broken. Can you please share an update?

Thanks! :rocket: