Need an expert for an intricate Time Sheet Tracking For Employees

Sounds great, I’m on AEST though so let me know how it goes and when the app is available :slight_smile:

There will be some information available afterwards.
Please note that we will however not share any recordings of the webinar.

I will let you know för sure!

Hi Thomas,

I got caught up with work and wasn’t able to attend the seminar. Do we get some sort of documentation that is available on line, on the time tracking app that just got launched?

@TJ_S No worries. We have a webinar tomorrow as well:
Link to webinar May 6th 1800 CET

If you want to read up about the app we have submitted it to the current hackatron where you can find a video and descriptive text: Hackatron Submission.

We are still a month out before having it in the app marketplace. Beta access will be distributed to webinar attendees or special signup (will share that form later).

@Thomas-Omnitas this is awesome! Been following this thread for a while excited to see what you had in store as we’ve needed an app of this nature for a while. Sadly was out last week so couldn’t be on the webinar, but would love to get on the beta testing. Let me know if you are still accepting applications. Thank you and great work!

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I am sorry you missed the webinar!
Sent you a DM :wink:

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@Thomas-Omnitas I also want be a beta tester :slight_smile:

You should check out this post in the partner community.