Need clarification on Admin vs Member API access

Hello, I am getting started with the APIs, but a bit confused about the depth of access I can get with an Admin/Member token.

When I was just a member, I could get the list of workspaces I was invited to and query the folders/boards.

Now that I am an admin, I can see the list of all workspaces, but I still cannot query the folders/boards that are marked as a closed workspace.

Can you confirm that the admin token cannot see content of the closed workspaces? Any reason behind this design given that an admin can add him/herself to a closed workspace?

So with a Member token, we cannot know what we do not have access to, but with an Admin token we can know what we do not have access to! There is just that extra step to add ourselves to each closed workspace?

In theory, if we want to have a service account to read/write to all boards, we should invite that account to all workspaces, is that correct?

Hello there @hamid and welcome to the community!

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The API token belongs to the user. Via API you will have access to whatever the user whose API token you are utilizing has access to. It is not necessarily about the type of user (member or admin), but what the user has access to.

Example: If a member has access to a closed workspace, but one of the admins does not have access to it, then you will have access to the workspace via API using the member’s token, but NOT the admin’s token.

If you want to have access to everything, as you well said, I recommend using a “service user” that does not belong to a human, but that is just there for you to use its API token (and of course give that user access to everything).

Let me know if you have any other questions :slightly_smiling_face: