Need Consultant for Set-Up and Possibly Occasional Future Consulting

Need a consultant that understands basic business workflows.

This is for a manufacturing company.

  • Need an estimate form. This needs to be custom form, allowing for multiple items to be ordered, some of which will be multiple different versions – i.e. various sizes of the same product need to be part of the same estimate.
  • After being submitted, a team member can switch the estimate to become a PO, with which different team members have different views of
  • For example, the Production team completes a few steps and changes status (pending, in-process, QA-QC, Complete, Shipped) but they don’t see the costs, pricing information, etc that the management team will see (Mgt will have full view of the PO).
  • When different team members change a status on the PO, it will do different things. For example, when the PO is marked complete by production, I need a packing slip and a shipping label to be created.

Estimate → PO → Production (pending, in-process, QA/QC complete, Completed, Staged for Shipping) → packing slip and shipping labels printed

Management has full view of everything across the life cycle. Production only has view of critical items they need to see (product, quantity, customer, project, etc)

Management will need to see and add additional fields such as costs, inventory used, etc.

That’s basically it, plus a few very simple things like a place to store files (employee records, equipment maintenance logs, etc)

Seems pretty straightforward to me, but I’ve struggled with 2 consultants so far. I believe it has been in large part due to language and time zone barriers so I’d prefer English as a first language.

Thank you

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Check you email please

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Hi @bwspence ,

I am a certified professional have delivered many workflows belonging to the different industrial verticals.

Lets connect and discuss the usecase.

Sending you an email to connect. You can also reach out to me at