Need help about managing customer cases | Law firm

Hello Folks,

I set up a client management system for a law firm I work for.
Unfortunately, I encountered a glitch in everything related to customer name management.
This is the flow chart I am trying to promote

  1. Entering an activity including the company name (customer name) and additional details using a form
  2. The form should insert a new record into a board called Incoming activities
    From there it is possible to divide the work into the different lawyers and fields, each lawyer and his board with his data.

What is the most efficient and correct way to manage customers and also allow new inquiries to be opened using the form?



Hey there! Sorry to be hopping into this thread so late! If you still need help setting this up, please feel free to send us an email at and we’d be happy to help get this workflow up and running! :blush:

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