Need Help: How can I create a new board action?

Hi everyone,

I’m new to monday app development and have a basic question.

I’m exploring the possibility of creating a new action for the “Board Main View.” While looking at app features, I noticed an option for “Doc Action” with the description: “Create a new plug-in to support new actions in the workdocs.”

However, I can’t find similar options for boards. Am I missing something, or is this feature not available?

Thanks in advance! :smiley:

Hello there @souravray and welcome to the community!

I hope you like it here :muscle:

I believe what you are looking for might be one of these features:

  1. Board header AI assistant
  2. Board group menu
  3. Board item menu
  4. Board multi item menu

Would you like to check those out and see if that is what you were looking for?

Looking forward to hearing from you :smile:


Don’t forget if you’re looking for automations as board actions, those are “integrations” within the app framework.

Hi Matias,

Thanks for your suggestions! :smile:

I’m checking the feasibility of building functionalities that manipulate objects defined at the board level, such as columns. Therefore:
Board group menu, item menu and multi-item menu won’t work for this feature.

I haven’t tried the Board header AI assistant yet, as there’s no AI requirement for the planned function. However, I’m open to exploring it if that’s the only way forward.

Looking forward to your guidance!


Thanks for bringing that up, Cody. :+1:

It seems that integration is currently the most viable option for adding a custom action to an existing board. I’ve considered this option, but my use case isn’t for a repeating task, so automation won’t work for this scenario.

Other option is to create a completely new view and add the new actions to it. I wanted to keep the existing functionalities of the table view in the new view. I’m not sure if those functionalities can be easily replicated or if it’s worth the effort.

Hello again @souravray,

What does your app do exactly? It will be easier to think of the best options for it once we know what you need it to do.

Looking forward to hearing from you!


Hello @Matias.Monday ! Thank you for your response!

I run a micro agency and need to maintain a lot of additional details with each task. This includes independent data like contractor names, timezones, availability, and hourly rates. While it’s great to have all these details in one place and sum up some useful numbers on the widgets, it also creates unnecessary clutter in the table view.

I was thinking if I could create an action in the table view where I can group some of these columns and hide/show or collapse the group of columns together. I anticipate some Monday users might have similar use cases.

What are your thoughts on this?


Hello again @souravray and thank you for the explanation!

As of today it is not possible for an app to group columns, hide/show column or collapse groups of columns inside a board.

You can create a request for it here :smile: