Need Help in getting a medical practice and clinical trial tracking on

We are relatively new to use. We are trying to create a means to save, edit and track patients within our medical practice. We are involved in Clinical Trials, where we need to develop a means of tracking the patients from their application to enroll, to gathering med records from their providers, to enroll them in study, carry out procedures (stem cells in this case), and tracking their progress with questionnaires, imaging studies, laboratory blood work (in some), and their diary of changes noted.
We are a bit lost in development of the individual headings, entries, etc. If there is someone in the Western MT area that provide tutorial help in development, or some location who is willing to share their utilization of capabilities, we would be most interested.
The program appears to have the full project management capabilities needed, but need that help in making it easier to use and still track (with ticklers if possible) the steps from starting to a 1 year followup and completion.
Appreciate your help and comments.

Hi @rwamd
Welcome to the community! Great to have you with us.

My team has just done some work with a medial practice in Australia. They are loving and our technical team is working on a custom integration for them at the moment. The use case you describe is very similar.

We’d love to help further if we can.

If of interest please shoot us an email to @Renae-JTsCloud in our team on and we can continue the conversation.