Need help in Monetization process

I’m a little confused on how we get our app monetized. Do we first submit the form and get approved, then we can test out the mock subscription? Or can we do mock subscription first with test values? Our team has other questions but we’ll probably schedule a call for those.

I think, if I remember correctly, that the marketplace team needs to add monetisation first.

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Thanks for the reply David!

So the team adds monetization with the plan information we provide and we can start testing? Do we do the mock subscription mutation in the API playground or we have to do it in the context of the application?

We’re new to making apps on Monday and we truly appreciate everyone’s help.

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Hey Mike! Good questions.

You should use the mock subscription mutation to create dummy subscriptions and test your app.

You won’t be able to test the whole flow of monetization (including subscription webhooks, real account info, etc) until you’re listed in our marketplace, but our docs should lay out all the steps you need to take to implement it correctly.

If you have any questions about the specific APIs or you want to consider some edge cases, let us know! Happy to fill in any gaps in understanding!

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Just to clarify then, so we do need to get our plans approved first by using the Monetization form. After that we can start testing the subscriptions with the mock subscription API, correct?

Also, how do I make that API call? Do we have to do that manually in our own environment or through the API playground?

Next, do we have to make our own DB if we want to limit our users by a certain metric or can assist with that natively?
For example, in an integration app I want to limit users by the amount of actions triggered. (i.e. basic plan 100 actions/month etc.)

I really appreciate the quick responses. I hope our lack of understanding in the app development process is not a bother!

Not a bother at all :slight_smile: Since we’re talking about a number of things, I’ve gone ahead and split the topics up to make things a bit easier to keep up with:

Mock subscription API – you can access this before signing up for monetization. It’s the only part of the flow that you can actually test before you’re in our marketplace.

How to make the API call – You can do it in the API playground, with a call like this:

mutation {
  set_mock_app_subscription(app_id:12345, partial_signing_secret:12345, plan_id:"trial") {

Limiting usage – For usage-based pricing, you’ll need to build the logic to check someone’s usage and block them yourself. For each plan you’ll define a plan ID, which will be returned in the subscription object. You can then can check a given user’s plan against their usage and then block/allow accordingly.

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