Need help to setting up creative agency

We are looking to refine our account for our creative agency. The agency has been using the platform, but not to its fullest capacity. What we need is a simple, user-friendly system that does the following:

  • Collect new work requests (we have a form that is currently being used, but need assesment to ensure we are using it to it’s best abilities
  • Organize projects, including deadlines, followup tasks, budgets and needs
  • Manage workload (would love a system that allowed subtasks to show in workload view)
  • Manage budgets
  • Collect feedback and proofs in a way that is clear to follow.

We’d then want the same person/team to run an initial walkthrough with the team on best practises with the new system, with potential support ongoing. Would love to chat with someone that can do this more efficiently than I am right now!


Hi @michellerenee - thanks so much for reaching out to the community, you are certainly in the right place.

We would love the opportunity to discuss this futher with you to see how we can be of assistance to meet you monday goals.

A little about us, we are a certified implementation partner and have been helping customers in a variety of industries get up and running and also optimize their current solutions. Everything we do is monday! We are also skilled in external integration programs such as to get the most out of your monday solution but also integrate seamlessly with all your other apps. Each of our Llamas are skilled in Development, Analysis, Project Management and Training.

We like to start with a complementary discovery session to go through your requirements, but also to ensure we are the best possible fit. If you would like to continue you can book your preferred time here: Book A Discovery Session - Green Llamas Consulting

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Hi @michellerenee

You are in the right place to find a specialist to help you with this. monday has so many functionalities, it’s hard to understand them all on your own as well as have enough time to apply them to your workflows.

My company, Kick Consulting, does exactly that for our clients. We help them get the most from their set up, optimise workflows and train the team on the new system. Here are some of our client’s testimonials.

You can book a complimentary 60-min initial consultation here..


Hello @michellerenee :wave:!

I am glad to hear you are looking to further utilize monday and to try to reach its full potential.

It is indeed hard to know how to use monday’s numerous features and functionalities and how to best implement them, but you are certainly asking at the right place.

I am an Implementation Consultant at, where we have worked using monday for many a year and count amongst our clients companies from most industries from all over the world.

We at are experts at helping our clients streamline their workflow , optimizing their current solution and positively expanding it, providing complex integrations for other apps you possibly use and keeping you up to date about monday best practices.

In short, we strive to provide the best custom solutions tailored to our clients’ needs, expertly made to take their businesses to the next level.

Please do schedule a free consulting session here at your preferred time so you can better explain your needs and expectations to us.

I really believe our services can be of use to you!


Michelle we can help. Sending you a PM

Hey there @michellerenee and thanks for posting in the forums!

There are a ton of great partners out there and I want to take the time to introduce CarbonWeb. We are a monday Channel Partner and specialize in process workflows and custom solution development. We actually started as and still operate as a digital marketing agency, so I think we have some familiarity with what you are looking for! is a great tool when it comes to this kind of management and I would love to see what our team can do. If you would like to schedule a time with me please do so here: Consultation - Ricky

Good luck as you get going!

Best regards,

Ricky Tomer

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