Need in person consultant in Las Vegas

We are resubscribing to and looking for someone to come to our office to help set up some boards and workflow for our construction division.

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Hey there @VegasDeveloper and welcome to the community forums! I work with CarbonWeb and we are a monday partner based out of Cleveland, OH.

While it may be tough to have someone from our team come to the office, we truly thrive off the work with do with the community. Our component-by-component style has proven to be highly effective for our clients and I would appreciate the opportunity to learn more about the ways you wish to leverage the platform.

If you would like to have a meeting over Zoom, I would be eager to connect. Consultation - Ricky

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Ricky Tomer

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Carbon Web Print, LLC
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We would be happy to come on site and do the work for you in, our closest person in in Nashville so it would be a matter of covering travel. Otherwise, we would also be available to set your workflow up remotely. If you’d like to have an intro call with us, please email We’d love to hear more about the workflows you are wanting to build in!

It’s really simple. We’ve been on before as a company.

We are looking to rebuild some boards and processes for preconstruction entitlement and permitting only. About 6 people will have access. Simple build off of what we’ve already done and training six people on how to use it. Not really much more to discover beyond that.

Is this something that you would do, and how much would it cost? Where are you located?