Need Item Number Search in Zaps

Trying to configure a CRM board that has basic customer information, no problem with that. However, it is very possible that the customer may buy multiple products at different times, which determines their Status in CRM, and keeping that purchase(s) in sync from Kajabi via Zapier is proving challenging.

For example, if a customer is already in the CRM and purchases a product, there is no “lookup” in Zapier, to find their item number say based on email address, [Pipedrive has this lookup in Zapier, works great], so would have to build a middle-man google sheet that records the Item Id and email address and then “lookup” the item ID associated with the email address in the google sheet before updating the CRM record via Zapier action. Kinda ugly. It doable.

However, what happens when it is a new customer, it would try and “lookup” the email address in the google sheet and not find it, and beside that transaction would want to create a new list item, not update (cause it is not there).

Only thing I can think of is to do Zapier step to do the “lookup” in the google sheet for the email address, and then have a Zapier path step that Step A looks for a item number value from the google lookup step and proceeds only if there is a value and then “updates” the CRM. Zapier Path B would be if the result of then google sheet “lookup” is null, (aka new customer) then create an item Zapier step using the JSON fields formatting creating an item.

Seems like a lot of moving parts. Maybe we will just keep Pipedrive for the CRM.


Hey @Rtucker - welcome to the community!

This is something we’re working on improving in the future - but you’re right that the option right now would be to have something like Google Sheets as the middleman, and “lookup” things like it were a database.