Need more flexible webhooks


It would be really useful to have more control over what data is sent in a webhook. Let me give you an example. Say I have a simple board with one group of items, the items themselves have columns a,b and c. Currently I can have a webhook generated when column a changes (or b, or c etc), and I can capture this data in Zapier for more integrations. The problem is that only data related to that particular column is generated and sent in the webhook (and some data about the pulse, such as name etc), which is great but makes it difficult to get all the data I might need sent to Zapier.

It would be great if we could have the option to include other data from the board. E.g. If a column changes, we can setup the webhook to include the board name, group name, information from the other columns on the board. This would really open up the customization options.

I hope this makes sense and apologies if this can already be done and I’m just not seeing it.