Need strategy /system help

I am looking for help with some issues I have with the system but also want to discuss overall best practices for using in my company.

Thank you, Yolanda

Hi Yolanda,

My name is Peter Lyngdal. I work for a consulting firm in Minneapolis that works with system implementations to improve business practices. I would love to setup some time to talk about your needs. Please reach out to and we can set something up this week!

Peter Lyngdal

Peter thank you. I would like to understand how you work with clients. I am looking for 1-2 hours of consulting and in speaking with the Monday consultants they so far have only offered packages. Please advise and I am happy to schedule a call I just do not want to waste your time. Yolanda

Hi Yolanda,

We can offer you a few hours free of charge for an assessment and then see what makes sense from there in terms of hours. We offer bulk and pay by hour services. Please feel free to reach out and we’ll get something set up!


Hi Yolanda (@TKG)

We’re glad to be certified partners, in Australia. We’d be glad to work with you on this project.

We’d have one of our consultants work with you for 1 hour to scope the work out, then quote to deliver the scoped worked.

Please reach out to Reane in my team if we can be of further assistance -