Need to be able to query item views via API

Board views can be queried via API, which is great.
However, it seems we cannot query item views via API. For the DocuGen team, this is pretty crucial. Here is why:

  1. Our integration recipes include a parameter for the DocuGen item view relevant to the recipe that the user is creating. Over time, users may delete DocuGen item views, but our back end doesn’t know this and continues to display the deleted item views when a user creates new integration recipes. If we’re able to query the item views, we would be able to avoid displaying deleted views from the options that we display to the user.

  2. When a user deletes a DocuGen item view from their board but doesn’t delete the corresponding integration recipe, our back end continues to generate documents based on the deleted item view. This is not what the end users expect once they’ve deleted our view.


Hello there @samicaracand,

I have turned this into a feature request :grin: