Need to integrate with an automated direct mail vendor

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I was wondering if has the ability to trigger events in other online platforms through it’s API, webhooks or some other method. If so, is there someone who can help me accomplish the following goal:

I have a database of prospects in and I would like to establish a direct marketing drip campaign to them by utilizing an online automated direct mail vendor. I have narrowed down my search to 2 possible direct mail vendors; ( and ( Both platforms have API that allows triggered mailings of any quantity. Based on reading the Monday API documentation it appears that Monday’s API is just for triggering events within Monday and not in other applications. But I am strictly a user and have no programming or API experience so Monday’s capability is still a little cloudy for me. There is Zapier capability for both mail vendors with Monday but they don’t seem to have what I need. I am interested in hiring someone with knowledge of API, webhooks and zapier, and’s capability in that regard. Any initial insight and guidance is greatly appreciated. If this seems possible, I would be interested in discussing it further and can provide a more detailed scope of work for the project. Thanks so much!


Jim, we are Zapier experts and have done a couple of projects with Lob. Beyond Zapier, APIs is our bread and butter. I’ll send you a PM

Hey there @UBS and thanks for posting!

I work with CarbonWeb and we are a partner that specializes in custom development and advanced integrations. We have produced standalone Suites that can be consumed within the Marketplace, but also have been able to develop one of a kind solutions for our clients.

I would be interested in learning more about these platforms and seeing if my team can help. With the holidays coming up I am sure we can take a deep look at this in the New Year.

For now, feel free to grab some time with me here: Consultation - Ricky

Good luck as you get this integration going, and have a happy holidays!

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Hey Jim!

Wishing you a very happy New Year! I am glad to hear you are looking to further utilize monday’s capabilities and truly believe that I and the team of can assist you in this task.

We at have vast experience in creating customized solutions ,time-saving automations and complex integrations, not to mention having worked many a time with Zapier and other similar APIs in the past. We have developed numerous integrations for clients all over the world, always striving to fully realize their vision and help them expand it.

We would also be very interested in learning more and developing integrations with the platforms you mentioned.

Please do schedule a free consulting session with us here so you can more extensively describe your vision to us.

Looking forward to hearing back from you!

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