Nested IF Function Error

I am trying to create a function that will return the verbiage of Over 30, Over 60 or Over 90 depending on a particular column. I have the individual functions down but ever time I go to nest it returns True instead of the verbiage…what am I doing wrong?

Here is the formula:
IF(AND({Days Since Sent} > 30, {Days Since Sent} < 60, “Over 30”,0),IF(AND({Days Since Sent} > 60, {Days Since Sent} < 90, “Over 60”,0),IF({Days Since Sent} > 90, “Over 90”,0)))

Hi @Jeanette,


IF({Days Since Sent} > 90, "Over 90",
     IF({Days Since Sent} > 60, "Over 60",
          IF({Days Since Sent} > 30, "Over 30","0")

Had to remove one of the Parentheses but it worked great. I am in the growing pains section of Monday formulas.

Thank you!