New additions to the webhooks family!

We have amazing news!

Four new members have joined our webhooks family :tada:

We are thrilled to announce that these long awaited webhooks are here:
1. When a subitem is deleted
2. When an item is deleted
3. When a subitem is archived
4. When an item is archived

Use them wisely :sunglasses:


Great addition, @Matias.Monday
Can you also add them to the triggers list?
Our customers have been asking for new integrations linked to subitems change/creation for a long time.

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Best news I’ve ever heard! :boom::fireworks::clap:

Ok, maybe not. But still REALLY good.


Hey @rob!

I will share this with our team, who are probably on it :slightly_smiling_face:

It has been my experience in testing so far that the subitem deleted webhook does not work. Nothing gets sent to the URL i set.

Hello @codyfrisch!

Could you please send an email to where you elaborate on the issue so we can take a look and give it some following?

Looking forward to hearing from you :slightly_smiling_face:


Done. See ticket #2012590

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Hi @Matias.Monday

I was trying to add a delete_item webhook as some apps can really benefit from that but it looks like the API does not support that yet? I am also unable to find it in the Playground docs.

Any advice?

Hello @basdebruin!

Our team is working on this and I believe it will be available soon.

Please keep an eye on our changelog for the announcement!


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Thanks for getting it fixed so it works as expected.

Can we get these same events as app triggers and automation triggers?

Also can the subitem deleted/archived include the parent boardId and itemId?

Can item deleted/archived include subitems boardID and value of the subitems column? This would negate having to send a separate event for every subitem deleted when a parent is deleted - and if i need to perform any actions based on those now deleted subitems, i dont have to respond to X separate events. I can just do a query on that list of subitems and get any values (like of a connect_board column) on the subitem. I’m thinking about this in terms of API load and overall latency.

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Hello @codyfrisch !

Thank you for that feedback!

I have shared these as feature requests for out R&D team :slightly_smiling_face: