New additions to the webhooks family!

We have amazing news!

Four new members have joined our webhooks family :tada:

We are thrilled to announce that these long awaited webhooks are here:
1. When a subitem is deleted
2. When an item is deleted
3. When a subitem is archived
4. When an item is archived

Use them wisely :sunglasses:


Great addition, @Matias.Monday
Can you also add them to the triggers list?
Our customers have been asking for new integrations linked to subitems change/creation for a long time.

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Best news I’ve ever heard! :boom::fireworks::clap:

Ok, maybe not. But still REALLY good.


Hey @rob!

I will share this with our team, who are probably on it :slightly_smiling_face:

It has been my experience in testing so far that the subitem deleted webhook does not work. Nothing gets sent to the URL i set.

Hello @codyfrisch!

Could you please send an email to where you elaborate on the issue so we can take a look and give it some following?

Looking forward to hearing from you :slightly_smiling_face:


Done. See ticket #2012590

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Hi @Matias.Monday

I was trying to add a delete_item webhook as some apps can really benefit from that but it looks like the API does not support that yet? I am also unable to find it in the Playground docs.

Any advice?

Hello @basdebruin!

Our team is working on this and I believe it will be available soon.

Please keep an eye on our changelog for the announcement!


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Thanks for getting it fixed so it works as expected.

Can we get these same events as app triggers and automation triggers?

Also can the subitem deleted/archived include the parent boardId and itemId?

Can item deleted/archived include subitems boardID and value of the subitems column? This would negate having to send a separate event for every subitem deleted when a parent is deleted - and if i need to perform any actions based on those now deleted subitems, i dont have to respond to X separate events. I can just do a query on that list of subitems and get any values (like of a connect_board column) on the subitem. I’m thinking about this in terms of API load and overall latency.

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Hello @codyfrisch !

Thank you for that feedback!

I have shared these as feature requests for out R&D team :slightly_smiling_face:


I see the delete ones are now in the schema but still returns a 500 error, but means its on its way!

The best news, thanks!

This is excellent news, I’m able to see the item_delete webhook working through the playground, even if it’s not listed in the docs yet.

@Matias.Monday can Monday update the Webhooks Documentation to reflect the new webhook types? Specifically, listing them under “Create a Webhook” and including examples under “Sample payload for Webhook events”.

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Hello @hrickards!

I will share this with the team so that it can be taken care of!



Just tried using “When subitem deleted send webhook” recipe… could not get it to work. Is this still not working or do I need to activate it somehow?

hi @JCorrell , @Matias.Monday

For what it is worth. It was working fine (both delete and archive) but at this moment the webhooks do not send event data anymore. Far too many issue with monday API lately.

Hi @basdebruin and @JCorrell
We did internal investigation and uploaded fix to production. Events for subitem_deleted and subitem_archived should be work properly.

Check, works again. Still concerned how these things can happen. Looks like you need to thoroughly investigate your change and test procedures.