New and improved version of "Emails & Activities"

Hi All! We are testing one of our new CRM features - the next iteration of “Emails & Activities”

We would LOVE to hear your feedback as we are still optimizing the rough edges of this feature.

The best way to send us your feedback is to record a Loom video the first time you’re using the new version.
You can send your feedback via the main “Feedback button” in the Emails and Activities app or leave it here.

Main changes:

  • Each interaction as one activity: Other than email threads, each email will now appear as a stand a lone activity.

  • The timeline is now a fully chronological timeline: In the past, email threads could “jump to the top” when new email arrived in a specific thread. Today, the timeline will chronological, each new email will enter the timeline on it’s specific date, and will stay there infinitely.

  • Better composer: The composer (email, activities, notes) was disconnected from the widget frame, and is now appear on the bottom right of the screen.

  • The app background was changed to gray, : to allow both better visibility of activities and a more native look.

  • Better readability on long emails/activities - long email/activities appear within a dedicated section

  • Mentioning: we’ve added ability to tag and mention other users in notes and activities via @

To try it out:

  1. Add the CRM template from the Templates Center

  2. Turn on the feature in monday labs (image)


Thank you - this is exciting to see that a new version is coming, we have been having some problems with the current version. Is there any information on what new features are available in the new version?

Also - if we enable this does it replace the current Emails & Activities or does it operate alongside it?

Yes, it would be helpful to know what has changed in this ‘full revamp’ - I can only see a few cosmetic changes?

One bug - when you click ‘read more’ on an email in Monday, it expands to fill the width of the screen with no way to go back. I’ve been having to click the settings link, then re-open the thread.

Am I using this (and the original) wrong? After emailing someone via the “Emails and Activities” widget, if they reply to it, the reply never gets reflected on the pulse instead just going back to the email inbox of the person who sent the initial email? I thought the idea was to capture all email correspondence?

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We are using your email features but we have customized our CRM.

Please update on new functionality so we can test it.

@mactoph we are happy to hear your thoughts!

once enabled, the new version will replace the old one.

@stuttters hi Jon, I’ve added the list of changes to the post.

Do you still experience this bug? I tried to reproduce but couldn’t on my end :frowning: Any chance you can send the loom video that shows the problem?

@tcmarimosa hey Tom! Do you have email of the person who replies to you added anywhere in the Email column in the account? We store emails from the known contacts meaning we need this email to be added in the account.

@mfriedma hey Michael. I have added list of main changes to the post.

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Hi, in new version it is not possible to resize window with edited email which is very small by default. Are you going to improve this area? I also experience problem with templates (in both versions) - when you upload template, go to table for something and back again to email, subject is gone. Another significant nuisance for me is that Autopopulate flields doesn’t support mirror columns.

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… and Formula column (which is worse).

I’ve sent a video to

Hi Olga! Thanks for the update.

As we have just set up Monday for our CRM system, this field/widget is very important for us, specially when it comes to “adding notes” of whenever we had an important contact on a given date with a client or a potential one.

So right now we have the option of adding 4 standard activities, which are: Email, Meeting, Call summary and Note. My feedback:

  • It is great, that when there are new Mails, that these are added with the date and time of when it was sent/received and that these stand alone in the timeline.

  • The Activities “Meeting” and “Call summary” requires us to create a sort of calendar appointment by giving in not only the date but also the time-window in which it happened. Ok, this makes sense, given that the exchange must have started and ended in this time-window.

  • However, when I enter a “Note”, I can’t choose the date nor the time of it. It automatically sets the time as of now, as if it was an “Update”. That means that, with this Activity-Mode, I can’t really log in past activities in the timeline of contact with our clients (e.g. when we have sent a letter).

  • I am aware though, that it is possible to “Add Custom Activity”, which have the same settings of “Meeting” and “Call summary” (which I as of right now use as a solution to the previous problem). My problem with it is the requirement to create a sort of appointment by entering a beginning and ending time to it, and not only the date.

So it would be GREAT if either “Note” or “Custom Activity” would have the possibility of entering a date (and ONLY a date, without necessarily having to enter a time) that would then respectively be shown in the timeline.

Do keep us posted of any news!

Kindest regards,


and Formula column (which is worse).

I wouldn’t expect this column to be support anytime soon. I think a lot of users don’t realize that the Formula Column is 100% client side, and not monday server side. This means that nothing is being stored on the monday end, which translates into limited functionality other than visual. I’m sure its on their roadmap but there are core functions that don’t support the Formula Column that need to come first before it’s brought to the Emails & Activities App.

I would suggest, for any fx use case, utilizing either General Caster or Integromat to run functions, formulas etc. instead of the Formula column.

Any progress integrating emails forwarded to an item into the Emails and Activities instead of to updates? We still have emails related to items that don’t always go through the widget. It’s unhelpful if we have to have some emails in “Updates” and some emails in the widget.


Definitely agree with the last two points. The 15 minute window is too broad and there should be an option for just a date.

I’d like to see a single Gmail inbox sharable between multiple users, and better email (domain) matching, including matching to old emails (not matching triggered on receipt). Also, filtering OUT of emails that no longer match the matching filter. If the email address was entered incorrectly, and some emails were attached, they stick there even if we correct the email address later on.

A single ‘sales@’ account is used by multiple people, and we currently need an external CRM to do this.

This creates a number of issues- when opportunities/deals cross a milestone, we need to manually enter details into Monday, and prior conversations are not picked up. Monday needs an option to recursively match emails to the activities list via a filter. Future conversations aren’t always picked up either, because of the next issue- email matching.

For example, emails don’t match when the reply is from a different address than the initial send-out. If I send to and replies, this won’t show up.
I have in an email column, and (the domain) in a text column. The emails should show on activity if the domain matches a column (such as a URL, text, or email column), rather than the email having an exact match.