New API error encountered

Hi all,

Did anybody see this error code earlier?


Any suggestions how to prevent this one? What will happen if I retry the operation (change_column_value) on receiving this error?


Can confirm, just got this too trying to use the API to update status via integromat. What does this error mean?

Hello @avrij!

Can you please send an email to so we can take a closer look and give this some following?

Please include in the email the mutation you are using, the error message, item ID, board ID, account ID and if you can, a timestamp (when you received the error. Date, hour, minute and location).

To fix this, check with your API provider to see if there is a testing environment that doesn’t utilize caching. Alternatively, double check your API call on a different machine or with a different set of credentials. You can also check your API documentation to see if there’s some cache invalidation method available.

Rachel Gomez