New App Collaboration

Hi team!
We just introduces our new app in monday marketplace, that allows users to put all of their assets in a centralized view right inside monday.
We are looking for partners to give them a free license for our app.
All that we asked for - is your honest feedback about the app.

App download link - download here

Demo video -

Reach us in a direct message or in our email

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@Binatica at first glance in the video, the app looks wonderful! I haven’t tried it out yet, but I can see dozens of use cases and I’m certain users would enjoy this app. Would love to learn more!

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Hey @Binatica

Welcome to the community! From my perspective, the app looks wonderful! It allows your users to access even more high-level actions, most of them intended to increase user experience. Another big strength of your app is the huge volume of integrations it supports. This acts as a one-stop shop for all kinds of users to store and manage their personal information.

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