NEW APP - SMS to board APP (Text Messages as items)

New App was released to market place, it’s SMS to board App.

SMS is a quick and easy way to send reminders to board, ask for reviews and mobile customer support, and keep your boards up to date not only from forms or dashboard but also from mobile app without internet.

The SMS-to-Board App was developed to provide a new Power-Up for creating an items and updates directly from Short Text Messages (SMS) to your Monday boards.

  • We will generate and reserve a Phone numbers for your boards and only for your boards.
  • You will receive the phone number by notification in your Monday account after installing the integration.
  • You will be able to publish this phone number to your customers or members and they can send the Short-Text-Messages (SMS) directly from their phones to your boards numbers.
  • When we receive the messages, we will create them as a new item in your boards.
  • There is an ability to select the country code for your number.

You can use this service for example to provide Mobile Customer Support and receiving the feedback and messages from your customers directly to your boards like you are doing in Forms from Monday.

  • We have a free plan for Demo, you can use one of our predefined numbers for demos and receive messages for limited time, then you can upgrade anytime to the others plans.

There is no dependancies and you don’t need to know anything about the complexity in our end for reserving phone numbers and receiving messages, it’s simple for you, just install the integration and publish your numbers.

The app can be installed from Apps Marketplace

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