NEW BETA ! Manage Requests from customers using email/forms

Hello everyone : )

Get tickets & requests from external users via email/form and communicate with them from monday.

So what did we do? we created an app that allow you to share an email with your customers. Every email sent creates an Item and you can continue to communicate like a chat on that request.

  • Don’t want to use an email ? You can use the existing monday forms
  • Want to customize the email ? you can simply use email forwarding

What can you use it for ? Well… Anything you want from a simple “contact us” to manage internal request for IT, HR, Legal, Design or any other request you can think of.

Want to start using it ? Please fill in the Form bellow


This is very interesting. I signed up on the form for this

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This is amazing! I will definitely try this.

That’s really cool! I didn’t know you could add Tabs to the Item Sidebar Popover.

Mind sharing how that was done?

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Looks good, can be useful for ticketing management as a help desk for support.
Finally “internal reply” arrived!

The app appears to be broken. When I test it filling out the form, everything functions properly up until I go to the requests tab. It just gives me the loading animation forever.

Hey team. This is great! Much awaiting feature.

I have submitted the form, how long would it take to get this activated and try on our account?

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Will this be available in monday.labs & will we receive an update when its available for use? I completed the form a while back but I haven’t seen it, unless I’m missing something :confused: Super excited to test this one out!

Here my feedback for this app (i have sent it via email but not receive confirmation)

This app and all his features are so great, “but” for creating “new” item purposes.

What if i have a previously board with items created, for example, approved quotes from different clients?

  1. How i can establish a communication via this app for this existing item???

  2. Following the same use case, if the service for this cliente was done, i will like to send a form for feedback like this:

so my client at the end of the finished job, can evaluate us and make any comments that will go into the updates section for this existent item…
Another must-have feature will be having the possibility to add item column data into the auto-reply (for an existing item use case).

So i can tell the client for what item / job im contacting him!!!

A client in this use case could have more than one existing job…

if i could have this features, this will be amazing!!!

This app is amazing! We’ve been managing our support emails here as well as our CS Forms from our website so everything is centralized!

The requests view is a VERY GREAT feature!

Hopefully we can do the hyperlinking in the reply messages

I noticed in the demo video there is an option for making an Internal Note that “only your team members can see”. Does this mean it’s possible to use this app to have a private comments area on an item that no Guests on the board can see? Or does that just mean that the comment won’t go out by email, but it still visible to everyone on the board?

I made a test on that as soon as I saw it, it’s all on the board
in fact, I have a board with a guest (test one myself) and I could use the email also as a guest
I planned to provide my feedback and one thing was going to be permissions for the email view
@PolishedGeek at least that’s my findings

I look forward to using this with clients - it is a great addition.

The two issues that we would need to be sorted before then are:

  1. It appears that if an incoming support request has a large attachment e.g. over 1.5mb - the item isn’t created, nothing happens

  2. The ability to add some sort of visual indication when a reply from a client is received e.g. a status change


Can i be added to this i tried to sign up via the link but it wouldnt load