New board canvas release


:tada: the new board canvas release :tada:

Say goodbye to delayed, gradual loading of cells when scrolling your boards! Our amazing team of developers have implemented a nifty technology, otherwise known as canvas, to draw placeholders of cells significantly faster… all without interrupting the smooth experience while scrolling!

Let’s see how it works by comparing the before and after visuals below:

Before :woozy_face:


After :star_struck:


:bangbang: It’s important to note this feature is in gradual release.

We think this is a pretty exciting update, but more importantly we’d love to know what you think! Let us know in the comments below :speaking_head:


How can we tell if this is active for a particular client? Is there anyway to check (ie in Monday labs etc).

Hey @MHaigh - are you able to share if your client is on a trial plan or paid plan? :pray: