New data structure on dashboards (Testing Available - Apply within!)

We’ve improved dashboards (hurray!) :muscle:

We’ve been working hard to improve the performance and speed of the dashboards to provide you with a much smoother experience.

You can now add boards to the dashboards , not per widget: Now if you add boards to your dashboard, all of your widgets will use them!

Coming soon:

The first step in creating Dashboard Filters! Want to see this week’s charts across all widgets? You can now easily filter it from the dashboard top bar.

This structure will allow you to more easily build your dashboards, filter from anywhere, will provide you with a faster dashboards experience and much more!

To add this to your account please contact! We would love to have you test it and receive your feedbacks!

Awesome! I sent an email to ask to beta it.

I really wish I had a formula widget on dashboards while we’re on the topic!

I sent email. But it would be helpful for others if you could post some screenshots of what we are signing up for.


Agreed. I don’t want to sign up if it’ll break existing dashboards and confuse people.

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I contacted support, and the support team had no idea what i was talking about. They asked me if i was referring to workspaces. :sweat_smile: Had to share the link to this thread to them haha.

As a customer, I feel frustrated that the Monday team seems to be incredibly disjointed, as if each team is working in silos, independent of one another. Love the product, but the management leaves me wanting more.


Hi everybody!

Here is a short video that shows the new structure!

If you have any further questions we are here for you at :slight_smile: