New feature for Easyform: Connect Board column support

We’re excited to announce Easyform now supports Connect Board columns.

The new Connect Board field allows users to select items from other Boards e.g. to do things like allow employees to report an issue at a particular worksite (by selecting the relevant worksite from a ‘Worksite’ board).

Easyform supports the following Connect Board field features:

  • Limiting selection to a single item
  • Support for multiple connected boards / grouping items by Board
  • Limiting items to specific boards when the column is connected to multiple Boards
  • :zap: Pro plan feature: Item default values support - set default values for connected board columns that are hidden in the form. For example, you can pre-define the client that will be filling out the form:

Item Default Value Connect Boards

For more detailed info on how these all work, you can read more on our comprehensive doc site.

There’s a 14 day free trial so you can try it out for yourself. We also offer live demos of Easyform to help you set up and customize your first form - feel free to schedule a training session with us here.

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This is great @Rich_Easyapps !!! Thank you for sharing the news :grin:

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