🔥 New feature Item Name & Text Column Automation 🔥: You can now reference columns with their id in addition to the title in a template

Hi everyone!

We recently released a new version of the item name and text column automation app. We now support both the column names and the column ids in our templates. This will make your automations more robust as the column id cannot be changed.

A quick recap of the app highlights

  • Update the item name or any text column based on the value of other columns of the item, the board name, the group name or the item name
  • We have some predefined integration recipes setup in the app, but also support custom automations
  • Support for items and subitems, where you can also reference columns on the parent level
  • References can be made using column names and column ids

Have a look at our documentation for a detailed overview and some examples.

We have a free-forever plan to get you started and 2 generous plans for when you require more updates. If you like our app, feel free to rate us!

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