New Features: additional rate limits, new changelog process, email verified field!

Hey amazing community! I have three new features and changes to announce today :crystal_ball:

Additional rate limits for board and group duplication

We added a new rate limit when you’re calling the duplicate_board and duplicate_group mutations: you can now call these mutations a maximum of 40 times in a minute.

If an app exceeds this limit, it will receive a 429 HTTP status code. We’ve added this to our documentation in the Duplicate Board and Duplicate Group sections.

Subscribe to our new changelogs!

As you may have noticed, we are revamping our developer documentation. As part of this revamp, each documentation center now has a changelog that you can subscribe to!

To get notified every time we push a new feature to our API or apps framework, subscribe to them via RSS here:

API changelog

API RSS feed

Apps framework changelog

Apps framework RSS feed

New “is_verified” field for users

You can use this field to check if a user has confirmed their email address. It will return true if a user has verified their email address, and false if not. Documentation here.

Here’s an example query that uses this field:

query {
  users {

That’s all for now!

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