New Field to the App (Group option?)

I saw there is “Groups” option here in the default calendar view:

Is that possible to add the option here? I can’t seem to find the option :disappointed:

Hey @yarhuoy - while in edit mode, there should be the option to add the ‘Group’ field:

Once the view is added to a board, it will display all the groups on that board.


Hi Daniel,

I don’t think the field I shown in the screenshot is “Group”, but is “Column”, I can successfully set “Technician” and “Status” via this:

and get this result:

So I believe the “Color by” dropdown list in the default calendar is using the “Column” field, but I can’t seem to add the “Groups” option into my dropdown list :disappointed:

Hi, is there any update for this?

Hey @yarhuoy - apologies for the delay. I checked in with the team on this one and got some additional info.

Groups acts as a way to partition the data on the board in the calendar view. I think perhaps the best way to do this would be to use something like a checkbox so you can group by groups AND/OR columns.

You could also use a custom dropdown, but at the moment you cannot populate this dynamically.


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