New Homepage 🏠

We have just added the new Homepage option to try out by going to your monday.labs section:

Once you enable it, you can head to your account or clicking on the logo on the top left of your page (the or your logo) it will take you to this view:

From here you will have a nice summary of information that is relevant to you:

  • Recent visited boards
  • Access to My Week, Inbox, Favorites
  • Workspaces that you are a member of and those you are not
  • And more to come

Please go ahead and enable it in monday.labs to test it out :star_struck::star_struck: .

Let us know what you think with your feedback:



If we turn on the lab is it a per user or whole account On/Off?

Hey @Krishele :star_struck: - this option will affect only the users that active it.


I really like the idea behind this. A homepage which allows users to access all the boards and places they need to see. Really awesome.
Except that you can’t see access all boards. When I click on a workspace, I get shown the 5 last boards I’ve used and there is no way I can see the other boards in that workspace. So it’s not useful for navigation.
Instead I can just navigate to “my week” and “inbox” and “favorites”, which is just one click away in the tab to the left.
I appreciate this new feature and I think it has a lot of potential, especially giving access to recent boards, but everything else seems redundant.


Hey @editarr - thanks for the feedback.

Can you expand a bit more on what it would work for you? Are you referring to the ability to expand the boards (or amount) from this section:

Hey @bradley , thank you for asking!

I wasn’t referring to the “recent boards and dashboards”. I do like that feature, especially since you can expand that.

I was referring to the Workspaces situatated right under the recent boards.

Here I’ve selected one of my workspaces, since I want to acccess one of the boards in this workspace.

But it only shows me five of the boards in the workspace and there is no way for me to access all of them on this page, which for me makes it irrelevant as a homepage. I’d love if I could expand the view of the boards in this workspace, like I can with my recent boards, so that I can see all of them and access them.

Otherwise the whole section is not really usable, since I won’t ever remember which boards I was using most recently, so clicking on it might lead me to the board I want to access but it might also not. And then I would just go through the normal list of my workspaces.

Thanks for this feedback! I’ll share it with our team. I know we are looking to keep iterating on the homepage and the workspace (WS) page. That said, when clicking on the WS the left pane opens up to show all the boards on that WS correct?

Thank you @bradley for putting this much effort into it! It is highly appreciated.

Yes, when opening the left pane with workspaces I do see all of my workspaces and boards in them. It just seemed redundant to me to put access to the workspaces on the homepage but then not to be able to accses all of the boards in that workspace, since that would make it unusable.

That is the same probem I am having with the new Workspace Navigation Dropdown that is currently in beta. Since that new dropdown only shows the last five active workspaes and not all of them:

But it’s already touched upon in another post that this again means that I have to go through multiple pages, until I can access the workspaces and boards I need. I’ve de-activated it through Monday Labs as well, so it is not bothering me, it just also seemed very counterproductive to me.

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Sounds good! I’ll share this with our developers.

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