New product announcement - Tracket makes time work

Hi community! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

We are very excited to share a (soon to be live) app for the marketplace which is the solution to track your time across all boards.

Our app is called Tracket, a flexible time-tracking solution for You can easily log hours on existing items and subitems. You can log hours with multiple people on the same item.

Learn more about this app and get a sneak preview(:eyes: ) via: Tracket - Makes Time Work

The first customers are already using the app.
Do you want to onboard as well? Get in touch and we will give you early access to the app’s current functionality.

We hope you are just as excited as we are! :raised_hands:


The Avisi Apps Team


This looks like it is exactly what I need. When will this be available?

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That’s amazing! Thanks so much for sharing a time tracking solution with our community, I’m sure it will help users in all kinds of teams :slight_smile:

@JMM Stay tuned for future updates, but if you’d like to try the app out as a sneak peek, the original post includes a link you could get in touch with the team to get an early install :slight_smile:


It’s not possible to print

Omg! Can you connect it to a payroll system?

We have an Rest API available which allows you to extract the data from