New query params to create custom URLs!

We heard you loud and clear… :loud_sound:

We just added 3 new query params for custom URLs that allow you to direct users to your app’s plans and pricing, how to use, and billing screens!

Check out our docs to learn more about each one and find out how to build custom URLs :page_facing_up:

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@rachelatmonday I want to report that this doesnt work anymore - the billing tab is not selected when redirecting to these custom URLs.

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@Nir-Jetpack so sorry to hear that. Thanks for letting us know!

I’ve reported it to our team and hopefully we can find out what’s going on. In the mean time, can you send me the app ID(s) it isn’t working for?

Also, to confirm, this previously worked for you and no longer is? Or is this the first time you’re trying it?

App ID 10050849
I was trying this when it was launched and worked fine.

Great, thanks for confirming @Nir-Jetpack. Lastly, can you send me the custom URL you’re trying that doesn’t work?