New `reason` field in subscription canceled webhooks

When a user churns from, their app subscriptions are also canceled. Therefore, the app_subscription_cancelled webhook will now contain a reason field indicating their subscription was canceled upon renewal. Currently, this is the only instance when the reason field appears, though we plan on adding support for additional reasons in the future.

    "user_name": "User 1",
    "user_cluster": 'other',
    "account_tier": 'free',
    "account_name": "Demo Account",
    "account_slug": "test",
    "account_max_users": 10000,

Pleas document all valid values for this field and link to the documentation.

Thank you :bowing_man:

Hi @dvdsmpsn,

There’s only one valid value/instance (for now) for this field: “reason”:“monday_subscription_cancel_on_renewal”. You can find the field below the subscription information in the payload above, and it is documented here.

Let us know if you have any questions! :smiley:


Looking into this further, on the app_subscription_cancelled webhook I am not seeing any reason field being sent in the payload, ever.

For the app_subscription_cancelled_by_user webhook, I have twice seen reason being populated with text:

  1. monday_subscription_cancel_on_renewal
  2. Unable to pay

Normally, the reason field is just not sent at all.

Hi @dvdsmpsn,

I’m taking this with the team and will keep you updated. The field should only appear if a user cancels their subscription, so it is strange that you got the “Unable to pay” reason.

Regarding not receiving webhooks, are you aware of users who canceled (ultimately canceling their app subscription) for which you didn’t get a webhook?


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Hi again @dvdsmpsn,

Our billing team is looking into this and needs the account ID that you got the “Unable to pay” reason field for. Could you please send that to me as a message?


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