New Task Button Customisation

The ‘New Task’ button at the top of each board kind of gives the impression that boards are only designed for managing tasks or for project management.

I know this might be the most common use case but your own templates library and resources suggest that Monday’s power comes in its flexibility as it can be used for managing almost anything such as leads, tasks, jobs, properties, candidates etc… so it made sense that you called rows pulses as this is non specific. We personally use the system to help our clients manage their leads so it would be better if this stayed generic like ‘add pulse’ or ‘add row’ in our use case. They’re not adding a task they’re adding a new lead.

I know this seems like small details but we want them to login and feel like it’s purpose built for their use case, not that we’ve hacked project management tool to work for leads.

Just my honest feedback. I think the button should either stay general or be customisable. In a pefect world I’d make that button link to a chosen form, where you can then control data entry to make sure mandatory fields are added. Then you could make that the only way to add pulses rather than having an add option within each group. We find sometimes key data is missing so a pop up form for adding a pulse would be a great way to prevent this.

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Are you referring to the blue button next to the search box?

Mine has been labelled ‘New Item’ for a long time.


Hey John, yeh it must be a recent change on newer apps then.