New weekly Developers Q&A sessions!

Hello everyone!

Matias from the Developer Success team here :sunglasses:

Starting March 8th (Tuesday) we will be having a weekly open Q&A session for developers!

There will be an open Zoom meeting in which anyone will be able to join and ask any questions about our Apps Framework and API :tada:

You can save a spot here for March 8th 17:00 GMT+2

See you there!



Hello Matias, great initiative! Can we ask questions about anything regarding the how to use Monday?

Just to confirm, 17:00 GMT + 2 is 10:00 in Quito-Ecuador?


Hello @Jhoanna and welcome to the community!

I hope you like it here :muscle:

This time will be used for questions regarding the apps framework and our API.

For any other questions related to the use of the platform, you can ask here.

17:00 GMT+2 is 10:00 in Ecuador!



Was there a new announcement for the meeting today? I could not find it. Also, I was going to invite someone, and people cannot sign up for today any longer. Maybe that is by design. But I think that signups should be allowed for the same day.



Is there a session planned for this week?

Hi @JCorrell !

Yes! Today at 14:00 GMT.

We had a technical issue for a few minutes yesterday and then it worked. I see you booked a spot :slightly_smiling_face: