No (Survey)Monkeying around yet?

We’ve got a league-wide SurveyMonkey initiative and it would be great to use to fill in some of the workflow blanks. SM gives us a more robust data collection engine but not a great way to work with submissions other than XLS export. A SM integration with Monday could allow us to ingest data and wrap some Monday workflow magic around them.

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Hey Carol!

I’ve moved this to the feature requests category! Yes, we are planning to add integration with Survey Monkey in the future - definitely see how this could be helpful. Would be great to hear how you’d like to see the two platforms interact!

Thanks Sometimes we need a more robust form-automation tool to collect information and then need a mechanism to process each entry. For instance, if we asked employees to use an SM form to request access to certain systems, we could feed these requests into Monday where admins could approve and manage fulfilling them.

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Thanks Carol! May I ask what’s missing for you in using forms to achieve this?

Sure. Ability to select several values for one question and show/hide subsequent questions based on responses… Putting in supporting images to illustrate questions (like a seating chart)… formatting questions into tables (horizontally vs. vertically)… etc.


Cool, this is interesting feedback for both our integrations and forms :slight_smile: