NoSubitemsColumnInThisBoard - Error when creating subitems via the API

Hi there,
We are currently building an application which is able to create Boards, Groups, Items and SubItems via the API by importing third-party projects into (data formats which are currently not supported by the official importer).

Everything worked so far until we reached the SubItems. Attempting to create a SubItem via the create_subitem mutation results in a NoSubitemsColumnInThisBoard error telling that “There is no subitem column on this board, please add it first”.

Unfortunately creating SubItems is a key-feature for our use-case since we are importing data which is structured as multiple layers. Quick Example:

1.1 Collection of tasks
1.1.1 Main Task Sub Task 1 Sub Task 2

We even tried to issue a create_column mutation with the undocumented type subtasks as observed in the UI which failed as well.

Is there any to create SubItems via the API without touching the Board in the UI? Thanks in advance!

For reference, this appears to be the same issue:

Hello @ilja and welcome to the community!

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As of today the only way of doing this is by creating a subitem in your board using the UI and then creating the subitems via API.

I will add your vote to the request of the feature for creating a subitem column via API :slightly_smiling_face:


Please consider this one at higher priority.

I’ve just learned python, and basic programming just to learn your api, and now know more about GraphQL and discovered all of the logical ways of solving a very similar problem to the poster here are not supported.

There’s no way to setup a master template, pushing changes to boards created from it today.
So the natural next idea was to create the template and use the “move to board” option, this is not supported by the API yet.

Then I figured out how to simply create new the entire board change I needed, how to scale it to hundreds of boards ( which all have unique hard to find identity IDs ) and associate with the extremely obfuscated workspace association, and now I have a script capable of finally pushing all of this to all of these boards, and I run into this error.
‘There is no subitem column on this board, please add it first’

I need to be able to scale this platform and I’m not going to manually step into hundreds of our boards just to enable something that should be an option by default, please consider providing a workaround and forwarding this to your engineering team.