Not able to select Text Type (title, subtitle) in embedded docs

I would like to use a monday document embedded in a files column to describe the item in more detail. I noticed that I am not able to change the text type from Normal Text to Title or Subtitle.


In a document that is living besides the board I can change this but not in a document that only lives in the column of an item. This seems like a bug to me because nothing happens when clicking on the arrow.


I have no idea why that is different. However, workdocs in the files columns do have the ability to select different text formats as well. I use it all the time.

When you are in the document, move your mouse to the line you want to change and click the down arrow on the left, then hover over “Turn into”, then select the style you want:



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Thanks @JCorrell for the workaround. My guess is that the missing dropdown menu for the embedded document is a bug due to the different presentation of the document. Would be nice if that could be fixed. But I can live with the workaround for now.

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